Apart from regular camping (included in your full festival ticket), we also offer a number of Special Camping products.

We also offer a number of unique audience-driven communities where you help shape the look and feel of the area.

The camping area opens Saturday 27 June. The main festival site opens Wednesday 1 July at 17:00.

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Full festival ticket:
Ticket for the entire festival from Saturday 27 June until Sunday 5 July when the campsite closes. Price: DKK 2250 ex. fee. The days with full music schedules are the last four days of the festival, from 1 July till 4 July.

One-day ticket:
You have the opportunity to buy One-Day tickets to the following days; Wednesday 1 July, Thursday 2 July, Friday 3 July and Saturday 4 July. Every One-Day ticket/wristband is valid from 8am until 10am the next day.

With a One-Day wristband you have access to the same areas as with a regular festival wristband (Campsite, Festival Site etc.).

You are only allowed inside the areas in the period where the wristband is valid.

It is not allowed to stay at the Campsite or any other place inside the area after the validity of the wristband (from 8am until 10am).

One-Day tickets:

  • Wednesday 1 July: Valid from 8am to 10am the next day. Price: 1100 DKK* ex. fee
  • Thursday 2 July: Valid from 8am to 10am the next day. Price: 1100 DKK ex. fee
  • Friday 3 July: Valid from 8am to 10am the next day. Price: 1100 DKK ex. fee
  • Saturday 4 July: Valid from 8am to 10am the next day. Price: 1100 DKK ex. fee

*Wednesday 1 July the Main Festival Site opens at 5pm.

Remember to bring your ticket, which you will have to present at the Entrance. Here, it will be exchanged to a One-Day wristband.

We don’t sell one-day tickets to the first four days of the festival.

Name on the ticket?
The name on the ticket does not restrict the ticket to that person. So don't worry if a friend bought your ticket or you received it as a present. You can still use it.

Buying tickets at the entrance
If tickets aren’t sold out before the festival begins, you can buy them at the entrance at a slightly higher price.

Want to bring your child/children to the festival? No problem. Children under the age of 10 are free.

For children aged 10-14 the price is 1300 DKK ex. fee for a full festival ticket and 500 DKK ex. fee a one-day ticket.

These tickets are sold at the entrance, also if the regular tickets are already sold-out.

Smart Ticket
Smart Ticket is a way for you to pay for your full festival Ticket in instalments. You can choose between 5 or 9 instalments where you pay a fixed rate every month. The payment is automated and will be deducted from your credit card in 5 or 9instalments. Apart from a one-time signup fee, there are no extra fees included in your Smart Ticket. And if you change your mind, you’ll get a full refund (excluding signup fee) as long as you cancel your Smart Ticket before 31 March 2020. What's not to like?

The ticket costs the same as an ordinary Full Festival Ticket (2250 DKK + fee) but is split into 9 instalments of 250 DKK or 5 instalments of 450 DKK and a one-time signup fee. The first instalment will automatically be deducted from your account 1 August 2019 or 1 December 2019 depending on which plan you have chosen. You don’t pay extra, and there are no hidden fees.

Please note that we cannot guarantee for the validity of tickets that are not sold through our own channels!

You have to be at least 15 years old to be on your own at Roskilde Festival, but please remember that Roskilde Festival is a big city where everybody is partying all the time, so it is a good idea for you and your friends to stick together.

Children’s tickets (10-14 y.o.) are sold only at the entrance (regardless if the festival is sold out). In order to buy a children’s ticket, the child must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder known to the child. The child’s Social Security Card will be required.

Prices for children’s tickets (10-14 y.o.) will be announced soon.

Children under 10 years of age have free admittance if accompanied by an adult known to the child with a valid Roskilde Festival wristband.

Young people aged 15 or older are charged full ticket price.

Please note that it is illegal in Denmark to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 in bars and restaurants. Supermarkets can sell alcohol (below 16,5%) to customers aged 16.

The camping area opens Saturday 27 June. The main festival site opens Wednesday 1 July at 5pm.

Your wristband gives you access to the festival. If your wristband is damaged or broken, please contact one of the ticket offices where the individual case will be assessed. If your wristband is stolen, you must report the theft to the police and bring a copy of the police report to the nearest ticket office where the individual case will be assessed. Stolen wristbands are usually not replaced by Roskilde Festival.

Anyone caught without a valid wristband in the festival area will be liable to pay a penalty of DKK 3,500. Ouch!

Festival site closed at night
When the last concerts are over we close the festival site for the night. We open the gates again at 10am the following morning. We do this in order to clear space for deliveries of beer, water, food, etc., and to clean up the site.

Rules are boring, and we prefer to have as few as possible. So, here’s a few do’s and don’t’s. Please respect them.

Please don’t…

  • Film towards the stages. Photos are fine, but please turn off the flash.
  • Play too loud on your stereos (more info on dB levels under HEALTH & SAFETY).
  • Crowd surf during concerts
  • Set up tents in the fire access roads – that includes guy ropes.
  • Use open fire at the campsite – we have designated areas for cooking.
  • Bring generators to the festival
  • Bring building materials nor larger furniture to the festival
  • Put up flyers, stickers or other promotional products

Feel free to bring…

  • Common lightweight camping furniture
  • Folding and leaf tables
  • Small deck and fodling chairs
  • Sleeping mats/air mattresses
  • White pavilions (3x3 methres, one per 16 people)
  • Food and beverages to the campsite. At the festival site we’ll allow one container up to 0.5 litre (must be part of our refund system), but no glass.

Good to know
Tarpaulins and pavilions are practical and can create a great atmosphere. Just remember:

  • A tarpaulin may cover only one tent, not several
  • A maximum of one third of a pavilion may be covered by a tarpaulin

Things you may not bring:

Camping area:

  • Bags with pre-collected refund bottles and cans
  • Building materials and tools (without agreement)
  • Furniture and the like (except standard lightweight, foldable camping furniture)
  • Clothing that signals affiliation to a gang or violent environment
  • Weapons and items to be used as weapons
  • Huge stereos (need engine power to bring it? Then it’s too big!)
  • Generators
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Drones (without agreement with festival security)
  • Spray paint and permanent markers
  • Fuel (except for trangia 1-litre bottles)

Festival site / inner festival area:

  • All of the above
  • Glass bottles
  • More than ½ a litre of drinks. Must be opened. Lid may stay on plastic bottles.
  • Bikes (without permission)
  • Stereos
  • Carts

Orange Stage and Arena Stage pits

  • All of the above
  • Banners and flags
  • Big bags
  • Glass bottles and cans

For your safety, the staff reserves the right to search for items mentioned above.

Roskilde Festival reserves the right to make changes in the programme. No reimbursement is issued in case of artist cancellationsReimbursement is only offered in case of cancellation of the entire festival. If the entire festival is cancelled, tickets will only be refunded to the original buyer of the tickets. Roskilde Festivals ticket provider, Ticketmaster Danmark, is not liable for the refunds in case of a cancellation of the entire festival. The purchaser of the ticket cannot claim any liability towards Ticketmaster in connection with the event, including Roskilde Festivals cancellation of it or other deficiencies relating to the event. Any requests in this regard should be made to Roskilde Festival.  
Service charges, fees and potential delivery charges from Ticketmaster are not refunded.  
You can see your current reservations and purchases online on “My Account” on Ticketmaster

Didn't get your ticket in time? We recommend that you either:

  • You can also contact Ticketmaster at +45 70 15 65 65 in case any tickets are available for sale through Ticketmaster’s exchange service.

Please note: We cannot provide information about your position in the queue, but we'll keep our fingers crossed that you get your ticket(s).

Can I check if my ticket is valid if I bought it somewhere else? (Viagogo, DBA etc.)
No, the only way to make sure you purchase a valid ticket is by signing up to our waiting list.

Can I swap my one-day ticket to a full festival ticket?
Nope, tickets can't be swapped or changed to another type of ticket.

I bought a ticket / product that I no longer need. What to do?
You can sell your tickets through Ticketmaster’s exchange service. Please note that you can only use this service to sell products that are sold out.

But... it looks like there are still tickets on Viagogo and other vendors?
We strongly advise everyone not to buy tickets through any other vendor than Ticketmaster. Tickets sold anywhere else are often sold at a higher price and aren't necessarily valid. Read more.

Other questions?
Please get in touch with Ticketmaster if you have any further questions about tickets.

Want a specific type of food? It shouldn’t be a problem at Roskilde Festival.

We have about 80 food stalls. You can always get your greasy burger but we want to do so much more to satisfy the very different taste buds at the festival. We also do lots of food events where you can see how it's possible to make gourmet, experimental or something third at a festival.

If you are allergic to something, you should know that every stall has to sign the contents of their dishes and be able to account for the ingredients. 90% of all ingredients are organic.

If you’re vegetarian you should know that all food stalls serve up at least one veggie meal, and many of them are vegan as well.

Can I bring a companion to Roskilde Festival?

If you are disabled and need to bring a companion with you to Roskilde Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. As proof of your needs you must be able to present

  • A companion card issued by Danske Handicaporganisationer or
  • A corresponding foreign card (see list below).

If you do not have such a card but nevertheless believe that you are eligible to bring a companion with you for free, please write to

How will my companion gain access?

  • If you are a guest, you must purchase a Disabled-with-Companion ticket at Ticketmaster. They are sold both as full festival tickets and one-day tickets. If you’ve already bought a regular ticket, Ticketmaster can help you switch it to a Disabled with Companion ticket.
  • If you are volunteer, please contact your team leader.
  • You and your companion must accompany each other when arriving at Roskilde Festival.
  • You must be able to provide documentation for your need for a companion, either in the form of a companion card or an approval from

About companions

  • You may bring 1 companion with you to Roskilde Festival. The companion can be replaced by another during the festival: when your one companion leaves the area, another may come in and take over.
  • If you are a guest, you and your companion will receive regular wristbands. A Disabled-with-Companion ticket does not allow access to special areas. You must use the regular audience entrances.
  • If you are volunteer, your companion will have access to the same areas that you have access to.

Practical information  

  • There are many accessible toilets at Roskilde Festival. Most accessible toilets are locked so that they can only be used by people with special needs.
  • Most of the stage areas have podiums that are designed for people in wheelchairs, etc.
  • Roskilde Festival has a campsite, "Handi-camp", which is designed and reserved for guests with special needs or disabilities. If you have questions or special needs that we can take into consideration, please write to

RF Our Way (Facebook group)

Join RF Our Way on Facebook to be part of the community, ask questions and share experiences about Disability Service at Roskilde Festival.

Foreign companion cards accepted on par with a Danish companion card:

Feeling the festival vibe from the moment you leave your city and go to Roskilde Festival – and all the way back again. That’s the Roskilde Road Trip.

Start the festival experience the second you get on the bus. Join a fantastic community whether this is your first time or you’re a Roskilde Festival veteran, the Orange Feeling will be with us all the way through.

As a Roskilde Road Trip ticket holder, you also get a super convenient reserved camping area close to the festival area together with the other Roadtrippers.

We will arrange road trips to Roskilde Festival and back from several Nordic cities and CPH Airport.

Travel details: Departure 27 June - return 5 July

More information coming soon.

You are allowed to ride a bike around the camping area, but the main festival site is off limits for bicycles. You can park your bicycle at entrance East and West, as well as just north of the festival site.

Roskilde Festival is cashless. This means that you can only use a debit or credit card when you are at Roskilde Festival. We accept all major cards.

Cleaning up and recycling is essential for keeping our festival tidy. To help you keep the festival tidy we have placed over 3,700 waste bins all over the festival. Our service attendants in orange vests are also happy to provide you with empty waste bags and they will accept your full ones in return.

Every day a parade will pass through the campsite to collect your recyclables and general waste. Look out for a bunch of smiling people wearing green vests and come by with your waste.

Throughout the campsite, we have placed 11 recycling stations, where you can hand in cardboard, metal, glass, batteries, air mattresses (PVC) and general waste. These are open for you around the clock and during the day, you can ask for guidance from our ReActors wearing green vests.

Bring your camping gear home after the festival. Everything left behind is waste and it will be incinerated.

Dive into our very own swimming lake by Agora K. There is free access to the lake for all festival participants as long as you’re not intoxicated. There will be life guards present. Remember that Mother Nature – unlike your own mother – doesn’t like soap and shampoo so please only use these in the showers and not in the lake.

In Camping East in Agora J you can go fishing in the artificial fishing lake. You are welcome to bring your own gear or you can rent it by the lake. You won't hear us say guaranteed catch...

Want Roskilde on your mobile? Clever choice. Check out the line-up, listen to all the artists with Spotify and choose your favourites to create your own personal schedule.

This year you'll also be able to check out the food events programme and find inspiration on where to get your next meal at the festival.

Available for iOS or Android

Read our daily newspaper, Orange Press. It is free and available from Sunday to Saturday wherever you get your breakfast on the site. And SoMe? Use the hashtag #rf19 on Twitter and Instagram. The event tag from Instagram feeds to our screens by Orange and Arena. On Snapchat we’re called roskildefest.

We provide Wi-Fi hotspots in selected areas of the festival site. It's a good thing to have when you need to update your festival app.

It is allowed to take pictures with still cameras and mobile phones (no flash) in front of the stages. The audience is not allowed to record sound or video. Filming and recording is allowed on the campsite.

It is not allowed to take photos or record audio/video for commercial use without a written agreement with the Roskilde Festival marketing department.

Your safety matters to us, and we want you to feel safe at Roskilde Festival, so you can have a great time with your friends.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our guests, festival security will make routine checks, including searching for items forbidden at the festival.

Want to read more about our work with safety and preparation? Head over here.

See the list of forbidden items below. You can also read more about the guards and police's presence at the festival below.

The police will be present at the festival, but if you have any enquiries please go to the police station at Skovbogade 3, 4000 Roskilde or call +45 114.

In case of emergency, the police recommend that you use the '112' app, which can track your location and make it easier for the ambulance service to locate you.

If you wish to report theft, please use

Things you may not bring to Roskilde Festival:

Camping area

  • Bags with pre-collected refund bottles and cans
  • Building materials and tools (without agreement)
  • Furniture and the like (except standard lightweight, foldable camping furniture)
  • Clothing that signals affiliation to a gang or violent environment
  • Weapons and items to be used as weapons
  • Huge stereos (need engine power to bring it? Then it’s too big!)
  • Generators
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Drones (without agreement with festival security)
  • Spray paint and permanent markers
  • Fuel (except for trangia 1-litre bottles)

Festival site / inner festival area

  • All of the above
  • Glass bottles
  • More than ½ a litre of drinks. Must be opened.
  • Lid may stay on plastic bottles.
  • Bikes (without permission)
  • Stereos
  • Carts

Orange Stage and Arena Stage pits

  • All of the above
  • Banners and flags (outside the pits is fine!)
  • Big bags
  • Glass bottles and cans

For your safety, the staff reserves the right to search for items mentioned above.

We encourage everyone to download the 112 app which both calls the Danish emergency service and gives your GPS coordinates to make help get to an accident quicker.

At Roskilde Festival the party revolves around respect for the community. As an example, this applies on the stages where we have limits on how loud the concerts can rip from the speakers. This way we ensure a good experience for guests, volunteers and our neighbours, respectively.

We also have a sound policy in the camping area. Many of our guests bring large home-made sound systems. We love the DIY approach, and we know that many spend countless hours (and a lot of money) on designing their own home-engineered system so it both shines and sounds great even at high volume. It’s great that you want to contribute and host parties in your own camp with your own sound system.

But with great parties comes great responsibility. You are camping next to a lot of other guests, who have come to our festival to have fun. Don’t forget them. When your camp is all set up, then why not pop in next door to say hello and have a chat about what they think is cool, and maybe what kind of music they think would be nice to listen to and how loud it can be for everyone to have a good time.

You can party this loud
When we measure sound volume we use a unit called decibel. It can be hard to comprehend because it is just a number that doesn’t tell you all that much. We really should be measuring the volume in terms of distance. From how far away can we hear your camp, and how many camps does your sound wash over? At the same time, we need to factor in all the other camps’ sounds that blend into the general sound chaos.

We have defined some hours when you can party hard, and others when you are invited to give the speakers a breather:

  • 09 am - 02 am
    You can crank it up for the big parties – equivalent to 94 dB(A)
  • 02 am - 05 am
    You can play for your own camp and a few others – equivalent to 88 dB(A)
  • 05 am - 09 am
    You can play for your own camp, but we recommend you turn it off altogether – equivalent to 84 dB(A)

If our camping area hosts ask you to turn the volume down it is because the music is too loud.

Rules suck, we know. But it is important to party with respect for the community, so everyone can have fun.

What kind of sound system are you allowed to bring?
In general we allow most sound systems. We do have one restriction, though: You must be able to easily transport your system into the camping area. If you need an engine to do so then your system is too large. Sound systems that are built into vehicles belong in Caravan Camping area. Read more about that here.

We are teaming up with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority to launch the Music Against Drugs campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to stress that music venues and festivals are against drugs, and that we want to help young people say no to drugs in our environment.

The festival wants to support the view that drugs do not belong together with music – and that using drugs is a very bad idea because it is illegal and dangerous.

Each year festival-goers miss out on lots of great music because they are intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. We think that's a pity. Music is a fantastic stimulant in its own right. Music is what brings us together, creates extraordinary experiences and leaves a lasting impression. In itself, music has the ability to create a euphoric atmosphere, but you will miss out on this if you are intoxicated by drugs. Most drugs make you slow, so your brain will quite simply not pick up all the nuances of the music.

Some concerts at Roskilde Festival call for moshing, wild dancing etc. We mark the with a 'high energy' icon. If you see this icon next to an act in the schedule, expect the audience activity in front of the stage to be quite wild, and we want you to be careful if you choose to be up front.

  • We will allow moshing, dancing etc. at these concerts.
  • Do notice, however, that we do not allow crowd surfing.

We’re in a new digital era with a much needed focus on personal data. We want to be fully transparent about what we do with the data we have on you and where we get it from. Look here for some of the cases in point.

For the volunteer privacy policy, please look here.

Roskilde Tourist Information can help you with practical information about the city of Roskilde. The address is Stændertorvet 1 in central Roskilde (phone +45 46 31 65 65). You can also go to or download the Roskilde Live app, a guide to cultural experiences in the town of Roskilde. The app is only available in Danish.

If you have questions regarding your own function as a volunteer, please have a look at the information section on People. Hopefully, you will find answers for your questions there.

Orange Together is our focus on community and positive behaviour. We involve the audience in games and dialogue about respect for the community and the limits of others.

In 2019, we focus on transgressive behaviour, waste and neighbourliness. Read more about the three focus areas below.

Transgressive behaviour
This focus area builds on our experience from 2018 when we focused on sexually offensive behaviour in particular. We want to avoid all kinds of transgressive behaviour and will keep focusing on the fact that careless and transgressive behaviour can be perceived as offensive to others.

We will do outreach dialogue work through an engaging card game, surveys, training of volunteers and run a campaign in our own media.

Waste and environmentally friendly behaviour
We know a lot about waste and how to get rid of it However, we want to be better at supporting our audience in engaging in environmentally friendly behaviour so that the waste volumes can be reduced.

We will do outreach dialogue work, involve volunteers as ambassadors and run a campaign in the final days of the festival.

Parties and neighbourliness
We know that some festival-goers are stressed about the noise level on the campsite. We will focus on neighbourliness between camps – and show that party-starters with big stereos have a responsibility for the party and must remember to turn down and recharge once in a while.

We will do outreach dialogue work on neighbourliness and sound culture and do sound measurement in camps with big stereos, we will involve volunteers as ambassadors for neighbourliness, do surveys and run campaigns.

Why do we all this? Because we want to preserve the special free space of the festival. We want everyone at the festival to help take care of the Roskilde atmosphere.

Orange Together

The traffic up to and during the festival. We encourage all guests to use public transportation and carpooling.

These roads are particularly affected of the number of guests going to Roskilde Festival: The Holbæk motorway (Holbækmotorvejen) and Køgevej.

Some advice:

  • Leave early
  • Expect some delay
  • Turn off navigation when you're close to the festival. Use the yellow signs instead.

Advice for the busy hours: Use the E20, exit 31A and follow route 6 going North.

We're right next to Copenhagen and its international airport.

How to get to the Roskilde Festival? Which is the easiest route, if you’re not from Denmark? Is there anyone you can come with? It takes about 25 minutes by public transport to get to the Roskilde Festival from the centre of Copenhagen. But if you are coming from elsewhere, there are still plenty of options for you.

More info in: