What is a chip wristband?
A chip wristband is like your normal festival wristband, but which now has a chip in it. The chip can be used when you need to swap your reusable glasses at the stalls. It is also possible to connect your payment card and use the wristband as a payment method at selected stalls at the festival area.

Why introduce chip wristbands?
It should be simple and easy to be a guest at Roskilde Festival and we believe that technology can help create a smarter festival experience. One of our ambitions is to gather the whole festival experience on your wristband, including access to the festival, pre-ordered products, entrance booking, payment etc. This year we explore a limited number of functions on the chip wristband so we can learn more about how technology can provide a better experience for everyone.

What happens upon arrival at the entrances?
When you arrive at the entrances and picking up your wristband, the process is exactly the same as usual. The only difference is that your wristband now has a chip in it.

Is the chip personal and what does it mean?
The chip wristband is personal, which means that, as before, you must not transfer your wristband to others. To connect with your chip wristband you must create a profile in the app 'RF Wallet'. Once you've done this, we have registered that the wristband you have around your wrist is your personal wristband.

What data do you have about me from chip wristband?
You can choose whether or not to use the chip wristband’s additional features. If you do, your personal data such as name, address, phone number and email must be entered in the app 'RF Wallet'. If you choose to connect your payment card to your chip wristband, you provide your credit card information. Read more about how we treat your data here.

Can you see where I have moved around at the festival with the chip?
No. The chip does not contain tracking. We can not see where you are at any given time.

Can I completely avoid giving up my personal data in connection with the chip wristband?
Yes. Your wristband itself serves as an access card for the festival. As a festival guest you can easily choose to not create your profile in the app "RF Wallet". The other features on the chip wristband are also something you can choose to add, and they can all function anonymously.

Is my entrance booking connected with the chip wristband?
If you have purchased entrance booking, it will not be connected with the chip wristband. Just like before, you will be given a temporary wristband when you enter the site via an entry booking. You must therefore bring the receipt from Ticketmaster with you when you need access to a certain area.

Is my Special Camping product connected with the chip wristband?
If you have acquired a Special Camping product, it will not be on your chip wristband. You must therefore bring the receipt from Ticketmaster with you when you redeem your product or need access to a certain area.

I have connected my payment card with the chip wristband. What can I do?
This year there will be selected stalls where you can use your chip wristband as a payment method. If you want to make use of this, put a certain amount on the chip wristband at a time—e.g. 500 DKK. You can choose to have automatic reloading so you automatically receive another 500 DKK from your payment card on to your chip wristband, when you have used the first 500 DKK. By linking your payment card to your chip wristband you will, after the festival is over, get refunded the amount you have left on your chip wristband. You can always use your regular payment card at all stalls, just like before.

I have cash I would like to use. Can they be added to the chip wristband?
Since the festival is cashless, you can not pay with cash at the stalls at Roskilde Festival. Instead, you can add the cash on to your chip wristband and use the wristband as payment. You need to contact the Cash Card Station, located at the top of L, to deposit cash on the chip wristband. Here you can also withdraw cash from your chip wristband again.

I have questions about my chip wristband—where can I go?
Write to chip.support@roskilde-festival.dk or speak to someone at one of the chip support stalls. The chip support stalls are located at:

1. Lost & Found at Central Park
2. Chip support by Gloria
3. The ticket stalls by the entrances.

What should I do if I lose or damaged my chip wristband?
If you lose, or if your chip wristband is damaged, start by removing your wristband from the app 'RF Wallet', if this is connected to the chip wristband. Then go to one of the chip support stalls, or to the ticket stall where you got your wristband on, to get help with getting a new wristband.

I lost my chip, but haven’t created a profile in the app 'RF Wallet'. Does that mean I have also lost the values on my chip wristband?
Yes. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to create a profile in the ‘RF Wallet’ app, to increase the chance of recreating what you had on your wristband. However, be aware that your wristband and the values you have on your chip are valuables for which you are responsible for. If you lose your wristband, remove it immediately in the app 'RF Wallet'.

How do I use my chip wristband in connection with reusable glasses?
You can store your reusable glass on your chip wristband. You do this by submitting your used reusable glass in one of the stalls that sell drinks in reusable glasses. Next time you buy a drink, you can scan your wristband and redeem one of your registered reusable glasses. By doing so, you don’t have to pay for your new reusable glass.

How do I see how many reusable glasses I have my wristband?
You can see how many reusable glasses you have on your chip wristband in the app 'RF Wallet', where you can also transfer your reusable glasses to your friends.

How do I withdraw my money and reusable glasses from the chip wristband?
To withdraw your money or the reusable glasses from your chip wristband download the app 'RF Wallet', where you link your payment card to your chip wristband. You will automatically get the remaining amount transferred to your payment card shortly after the festival. There will be an administration fee of 5 DKK for the refund.