"Roskilde Festival has the best audience"

It sounds like a crowdpleasing mantra. Nevertheless that's the feedback we get from artists no matter whether it's Robyns a capella or Bring Me The Horizons flaming moshpit.

Watch high lights from the concerts here

How do we create a city, that is more than a collection of stages and camps?

This is always the challenge. This year - based on years of preparation - the audience could sit and walk around in brand new Central Park, which has really tied the festival together. We have trees and we are not afraid to use them. Same goes for new Avalon stage surrounded by a half circle of large trees creating a whole new area with a distinct feeling. 

Brand new installation

In the same way, new art installation Ambereum has functioned not only as a total installation free for every one to use as they place but also as a nightly club scene. 

Watch video of the creation of Ambereum here 

World class graffiti

Likewise a mega art piece created by graffiti legend Zusa and his crew attracted a lot of people. 

A documentary team has followed the proces and you can watch 4 webisodes here


Without you there is no festival.

You have participated with your singing in the opening of Orange Stage, du have been a part of the Solidarity human banner and you have lent your words to speaker's project Røst (voice). 

We look forward to seeing you next year for our 50'st anniversary. Follow rf50. 

Thank you!