Venues reopening can now easily get an overview of guidelines. In collaboration with Event Safety and Danish Live, RF Experience has made a guide dealing with questions concerning capacity, queue handling and safe distance in relation to Covid-19.

Concerts are now allowed in Denmark for a seated audience up to 500 people. A number of venues can therefore open fully or partially.

In collaboration with Event Safety and Danish Live, RF Experience, which is part of Roskilde Festival Group, has made a guide that gives venues an overview of the guidelines they should follow when they reopen.

Lately, RF Experience has advised several cultural institutions, restaurants and venues on guidelines related to the various industries.

“We have a number of customers we help reopen business. It has been both relevant and exciting to go in depth with the guidelines concerning the venues,” says Karina Suhr Gimlinge, disaster and risk manager at RF Experience.

The guide goes into details with relevant topics, focusing on distance and hygiene, capacity calculation, design of areas and rooms, handling of queue formation, ticketing and working conditions for the employees.

It also gives various examples and emphasises possible issues that venues should be aware of when reopening. For example, rooms should be designed in a way that makes it possible to keep a distance. It is not only a question of square metres but also about interior design and other regulations in regard to movement. 

The guide also offers an overview of relevant guidelines and regulations stated by the authorities.

Read the guide (in Danish only)


RF Experience is currently advising a number of public and private institutions and companies on various issues related to Covid-19.

Read more about RF Experience here (in Danish only).