Roskilde Festival 2020 is cancelled. And yet… This year we invite you to pick up the pieces and reactivate this year’s festival.

What is a festival without a wristband?

By popular demand from Roskilde-goers who have been dreading a gap in their collection of wristbands we have made a special ’Roskilde Festival – do it yourself-wristband' for 2020.

The cost is DKK 200 and all profits will go to initiatives that give young people a voice and strengthen young people's communities.

This year we donated DKK 15 million for e.g. an activistic hip hop festival, a new venue for electronic music and advice for climate friendly study tours. 

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If you are in no need of wristband, you can also choose to buy a support ticket.

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A wristband alone of course doesn’t make a festival.

Saturday 4 July, what should have been the final day of Roskilde Festival 2020, we open the very first ’Roskilde Festival – do it yourself’.

This is the day when you and your friends can camp in your living room, make the perfect playlist, be inspired by art and make a stand – and, of course, share your experiences with everyone else – just like at every non-virtual festival.

We already have lots of content here

We’ll be updating this webpage constantly, so stay tuned.

PS If you want to be able to wear a wristband 4 July, make sure to order it before 25 June. After that we can’t guarantee that the postman will find you in time.

Thank you for your support!