Made of 16 spruce tree trunks, each up to six meters long, 50 centimetres wide and weighing 800 kilos. The sculpture is the fourth in the series of tree trunk sentences that takes the geometry of language into consideration.

By countering the familiar phrase ‘Us and Them’ which denotes a sense of division amongst groups, ME WE instead expresses a sense of community and connection.

Claudia Comte’s large-scale art work ME WE lights up the developing recreational area.

For sometime now, the Roskilde gravel pit has been the unpopular character in the Roskilde Festival story.

Every year, festival goers dread returning to the festival area to find out that their usual spot has been invaded by an ever growing hole in the ground.

The purpose of exploiting this area of land is primarily to supply the many building sites of Copenhagen with gravel and as a result has created a new hilly terrain - thus paving the way for a new recreational area, Milen (the Dune).

The area, drawn out by renowned architecture practice SLA, is to become an art park with works created for the natural surroundings.

Today, you can visit the concrete piece Floating World by sculpturist Morten Stræde which is hovering over a freshly landscaped lake which was once a gravel pit.

Now Floating World is accompanied by the gigantic artwork, ME WE, which was created by Swiss artist Claudia Comte for Roskilde Festival 2019.

The artist has kindly lent her piece to Roskilde Festival and this year we are please to unveil the work on Milen. 

The artwork is assembled from 16 six metre spruce logs that spell the two words ME and WE, which expresses a sense of community and connection. 

The piece is now part of Milen which means it will also be a part of Roskilde Festival 2021. ME WE is placed on the hills where you can find, during the festival days, Dream City.

Photographer: Kim Bech

Claudia Comte is a Swiss artist born in 1983. She has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions including; Zigzags and Diagonals, MOCA Cleveland (2018), Swiss Performance Now, Kunsthalle Basel (2018), NOW I WON, Messeplatz, Art Basel (2017), 10 Rooms, 40 Walls, 1059 m2, Kunstmuseum Luzern (2017), I have Grown Taller From Standing with Trees, Copenhagen Contemporary, 2019.

The locals have been able to watch the installation of ME WE during the spring. And now, just a few days before Roskilde Festival 2020 should have taken place, it is possible to see the sculpture ablaze, with its lights turned on.

If you want to experience ME WE alight, you can visit the site just after sunset. The light will be turned on for only 20 minutes a day.

We believe that the installation of ME WE symbolizes the community, which has been the foundation of Roskilde Festival since 1971.

When strolling through the area we hope ME WE also reminds you of the strong connection and collaboration between the festival and the town of Roskilde Festival which we have enjoyed now for almost 50 years.

Photographer: Kim Bech